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About Our Organization

The Dawn Brancheau Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of children and animals in need, inspiring others to follow their dreams, and promoting the importance of community service.

At a young age, Dawn Brancheau had a dream, and she pursued that dream with tremendous passion and energy. Although her goal may have seemed out of reach for a young girl from northwest Indiana, she believed in herself and worked tirelessly to make her dream of working at SeaWorld become a reality. Through her hard work and love for the animals in her life, Dawn became a world class animal trainer and the face of SeaWorld.

Dawn was very successful and well known for her professional career, however, it was Dawn's passion for life and true love of others that inspired the formation of The Dawn Brancheau Foundation. Dawn was a woman who embraced life and made the most of every experience. She made each and every person she met feel special and enriched so many lives with her kind and loving acts. Dawn radiated joy and truly worked to make the world a better place.

The way Dawn lived her life has motivated us to come together and carry out her vision for a better world. Through partnerships with inspiring people and organizations, we plan to make a difference in the world that surpasses anything Dawn could have accomplished on her own. Through The Dawn Brancheau Foundation, we will continue Dawn’s legacy of helping others, one project at a time!

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